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She did so, she said, by working hard and studying. For anything that is challenging vocally and physically you have to be ready for it, and I was. So I was looking forward to it. There was Cassandra knowing Troy was going to fall and the queen wanting to bring her country back to its former glory. To have the opportunity was thrilling. Whether singing spirituals, church songs or arias, the vocalist said she gives herself thoroughly to whatever she is doing.

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That includes work with numerous nonprofits. She is national spokesperson for The Lupus. Now in its 13th year, the school offers underprivileged, gifted children ages private tutoring in dance, drama, music, photography, visual arts, freestyle writing and costume design. Considering things in New York state and New York City, we have more than 50 percent of young men of color that do not finish high schools.

These are troubling things to know.

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It is important for all of us to be a part of something, and it is better to be a part of something good. Alt tag for image. The following is an excerpt from an essay by Leslie Green written in tribute to Jessye and her late brother Dr. Come take a look around and sit in on one of our services.

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You'll find a diverse community of people who are passionate about growing in faith, sharing Jesus' love and having fun while we do it! Daily Devotional Timberlake Church. Monday Monday, Aug. Written by Timberlake Church.

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Jesus' Return 1 forgive 1 jesus 1 kindness 1 respect 1 selfishness 1 taking control 1 unresolved conflict 1 see all. Recent Posts. Sometimes my sons and I took a picnic up and watched the sunset.

My favorite spot was a hiking lodge, accessible only by foot or mountain bike, called the West Point Inn, where, in the early days of the last century, a steam-powered railroad operated by the Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway brought tourists to the summit. Lower on the mountain — and pricier by far, as well as more luxurious — was the Mountain Home Inn, with spa services, a restaurant and a deck that looked out over Marin County.

That summer, before heading for college, my daughter was a waitress there, making her way to work on foot over the Pipeline Trail like Little Red Riding Hood. We seemed to be living in a fairyland, so the image seemed fitting.

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But in life, as in fairy tales, there may be wolves in the woods. And it turned out that on Tamalpais, there had been.

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  8. I learned this story a year or two after moving there, and once I did, it haunted me. Back in — and for the two years that followed — a man who came to be known as the Trailside Killer remained at large in Marin County, and it was on the trails of Mount Tamalpais that most of his victims met their death. I think it was the juxtaposition of rape and murder, committed on hiking trails — the terrible intersection of peacefulness and violence, and the underlying sense of danger lurking in the underbrush — that kept my mind returning to the Trailside Killings.

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    The killer, a middle-aged ex-con with a bad stutter and a history as a sex offender, was apprehended eventually, and now resides on Death Row at San Quentin, another place close to where we lived. Hiking remains a central pastime in Marin County — as does mountain biking. Some say it was invented on Mount Tamalpais. But conversations with anyone who had lived in the area back then often led to the murders.

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    One of my neighbors, now retired, remembers a long-ago encounter with a man she later realized must have been the killer. He had a stutter, she said.

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    I got to know Janet well — also her older sister, Laura. Their father had been around 40 when the first murder took place; the sisters were 13 and But as the months wore on, with more women showing up dead, the sisters recognized the toll the case was taking on their father. I kept thinking about two young girls, coming into their own adulthood in the shadow of those things — a story that served as a metaphor for the uncertainty and terror many girls experience at that age and I was one about leaving childhood and becoming a woman.