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She does a great job of telling many great stories about Alex but interweaving all of the ground-breaking work they accomplished together. Told in her own words, Phoebe set out after a cancer diagnosis gave her one year to live to see as many birds as possible.

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Somehow she managed to live 17 more years and be the first person to document seeing over 8, different species of birds! Additional Reading about Phoebe Snetsinger:. The man, the myth, the legend. Any new bird watchers should ground themselves and show some respect to one of the founding fathers of birding!

Peterson is the architect who made bird watching what it is today. He is known for many things, including his landmark field guides, illustrations and most notably his dedication to bird and conversation. Here are two other Roger Tory Peterson books worth reading:. Birding is considered a fun activity enjoyed by millions, but it was once just an eccentric hobby.

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This is a great book to learn about the evolution of birding throughout the years to see how it became what it is today. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like the following:. There are literally thousands upon thousands of different websites where you can view bird pictures,…. Whether you are an active birder, backyard bird watcher or just love learning about birds,…. How about a book about a kakapo? It can help raise awareness about the kakapo as an endangered species!

This list is so helpful. My family recently grew to admire and appreciate birds on a whole new level. We have read tons of field guides but wanted more when it came to knowing the history and studies of birds. I have your list and will be ordering these books. I cannot wait to read more on your website. Thank you for doing this website and keeping it current! Thanks for sharing! What are your favorite books about birds?

Anything I should consider adding to this list? Bird Watching HQ. Start Here! Field Guides. Tip 1: Go to the Library.

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Tip 2: Listen to bird books in your car. From gathering around their dead to recognizing people to even murdering other crows! Not sure what this crazy obsession is all about?

  • Yve Morrell, The Dancing Birder;
  • Western Mysticism: Augustine, Gregory, and Bernard on Contemplation and the Contemplative Life.
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  • There is definitely something for everybody. Best Birding Books: Big Years and Listing 5 books I think most of us dream of the day we can drop everything and spend the year trying to see as many birds as possible. Easy answer. Go birding! Or at least that is what author Neil Hayward did. I think if you read one of these books you need to read the other!

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    This book details many aspects of his life as the author interviewed people who knew him. This is a collection of his best essays that appeared during that time. An epic road trip book that will instantly inspire you to hit the road! What are your favorite birding and bird watching books? What is on your list of the BEST bird books of all time? And try to take some time to read all these new bird books!

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    Go to Conservation Land Management. By: Lynn E Barber Author. Click to have a closer look. Select version. About this book Customer reviews Biography Related titles.

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    Images Additional images. About this book In , Lynn Barber's passion for birding led her to drive, fly, sail, walk, stalk, and sit in search of birds in twenty-five states and three provinces. Customer Reviews Review this book.