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Jewellery, precious metals, pearls. Base metals and article of base metal. Machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical equipment.

Role of human capital and foreign direct investment in promoting economic growth

Optical, photographic, precision, medical equipement, clocks and musical instruments. Miscellaneous manufactured articles. Business services Communication Construction and related engineering services Distribution Education Environment Financial services Health and social services Tourism and travel related services Recreational, cultural and sporting services Transport services.

Export to Import from. All Country Areas. Foreign direct investment Investment framework and opportunities.

Mixed prospects for FDI inflows in CIS countries

For example, it has been striving to simplify the procedures for starting a business. Tax benefits also exist in certain sectors such as the mining sector and agriculture.

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In addition, imported capital goods are exempt from customs duties. Next Investment framework and opportunities. Doing Business Ukraine Afghanistan. Burkina Faso.

IMF Policy Discussion Papers

Cape Verde. Cayman Islands. Central Afr. Costa Rica. Frontiers of International Economic Law: Legal Tools to Confront Interdisciplinary Challenges will appeal to those interested in the general theory of international economic law, but also readers looking for innovative answers to practical questions will also be pleased to find a broad array of topics structured along four frontier themes: facing economic crises and uncertainties, confronting environmental challenges, considering human rights and development objectives, and finally, regulating energy transit and new technologies.

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The contributions presented here will help to push forward, through promoting and developing the rule of law, the — at times contentious — frontiers of international economic law. Investor — State Arbitration and Human Rights.

Author: Filip Balcerzak. In Investor — state arbitration and human rights Filip Balcerzak examines the interrelations between human rights and international investment law. The work discusses whether, and how, human rights arguments may be presented in the course of arbitral proceedings based on investment treaties. The work considers the perspectives of both host states and investors and analyzes all stages of arbitral proceedings — jurisdiction, admissibility, merits, compensation and costs — to determine the potential impact of human rights on the outcome of proceedings.


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The Global Emerging Market and its role in a time of crisis

Low FDI inflows despite strengthening macroeconomic performance has reflected a weak investment climate particularly owing to incomplete structural reforms. IMF staff working on the countries concerned cited burdensome tax systems, widespread corruption, extensive state intervention coupled with weak legal and regulatory frameworks, and incomplete structural reforms as the main impediments. Clinton R. Shiells, Corrections All material on this site has been provided by the respective publishers and authors. Louis Fed. Help us Corrections Found an error or omission? RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers.

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