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Near retirement age, Ana had smoked for over 20 years. When the price of a pack of cigarettes continued to climb, it finally gave her needed incentive to quit, and she remained smoke free for the rest of her life. According to the American Lung Association, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the U. However, the American Lung Association puts the real cost to the overall economy in the U.

Set an Example for Children and Others. Gain satisfaction in setting a good example for others including your children, who tend to follow the example of parents. One smoker who had recently quit said, "I hate the idea of cigarettes controlling me. You make the choice to smoke or not to smoke, and you are in control, not the cigarette. You can quit smoking with determination, effort, practical methods, and commitment. Addiction to smoking is not only a physical dependence, but it is also a mental dependence. Addiction develops because of the nicotine in tobacco; nicotine can be as addictive as heroin or cocaine.

After you have smoked a cigarette the level of nicotine in your brain shortly decreases, causing withdrawal symptoms; the only way to counteract these cravings and withdrawal symptoms is by smoking another cigarette. This is why smoking cessation is difficult--BUT it is not impossible!

Recognize the seriousness of smoking - so many life-threatening diseases approximately 25 can result from smoking such as: Lung cancer COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease chronic bronchitis emphysema heart attack stroke various other cancers pharyngeal--throat cancer, bladder cancer, in females it is a risk factor for breast and ovarian cancer, etc. Brain and mental health. Understand how smoking can affect your brain and mental health.

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Smoking may contribute to some mental health disorders for some smokers. According to recent studies, researchers of Otago University in New Zealand and to the British Journal of Psychiatry note that there is a higher rate of depression in smokers. University of Otago. The researchers state that there is a "significant comorbidity between nicotine-dependence symptoms and depressive symptoms at ages 18, 21 and 25", noting a "direct cause and effect association between smoking and depression.

Child and fetal health. Be aware that second hand smoke can affect your children's health.

How to Quit Smoking Plan - 8 Steps to Quitting For Good

Smoking can affect the health of your unborn baby. Research at Durham University notes that smoking dramatically affects "the facial movements of mothers' unborn babies" Durham University News. Fetus of smoking mother top; fetus of non-smoking mother bottom. Fetus of smoking mother seems to be affected. Image: Durham University News.

Avoid Rationalizations about Smoking. The American Cancer Society encourages those quitting smoking to avoid rationalizations. The AMC states that a "rationalization is a mistaken thought that seems to make sense to you at the time, but the thought is not based on reality. It is a way of lying to yourself. Some of these self-deceiving rationalizations can be: "I'll just have one to get through this rough spot.

I'll quit tomorrow. Uncle Harry smoked all his life and he lived to be over Some say, my uncle or my father was a heavy smoker and he lived to be It can happen, but it is a scientific fact that smoking increases the risk for cancer by up to times compared to a nonsmoker, and decreases lifespan by 10 years on average maybe Uncle Harry would have lived to without smoking!

Main Source 4 : American Cancer Society 5.

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Prepare yourself for withdrawal side effects of quitting smoking such as, restlessness, irritability, anger, loss of self control, and depression. Realize that these withdrawal symptoms usually pass in a matter of days, weeks, or months. The withdrawal symptoms don't last forever, you and your family can endure it.

Keeping the long-term positive benefits of quitting smoking foremost will help you endure the withdrawal period. Practical Steps 6. Pick a day to quit and stick with it. Write the day on the calendar, not too far in the future, and throw out your cigarettes, matches, and anything associated with smoking on that day. Tell your friends and family about your plan. Perhaps find a friend that wants to quit too. You will help each other and it can be a mutual challenge and support, which can be easier than quitting alone. Plan activities for that day the day you plan to quit smoking to keep yourself busy.

Go someplace where you won't be tempted to smoke, preferably with a friend. Before, during the day of , and after the day you quit, exercise, and engage in exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, most days of the week. You may wish to maintain an exercise partner. Walking, biking, running, hiking, swimming, and working out at the gym are healthful activities for both your body and your mind. Plan to keep up your exercise routine for a year, and then extend it indefinitely.

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You may need to make adjustments in your routine, but keep the positive benefits of exercise, as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and as an aid to permanently quitting smoking foremost in mind. Give up drinking alcohol. One struggling smoker said, "When I quit smoking, I avoided the bars".

Want to Quit Smoking? Eat a Magic Mushroom, New Study Says | Time

Shaw, G. If your main goal is to quit smoking, consider giving up drinking alcohol as well.

Drinking alcohol can weaken your will to quit smoking, and vice-versa. Hanging out in bars is a sure way to backslide. Prepare healthy, low-calorie snacks such as carrot sticks or celery sticks to carry with you or keep at work during the day. If you ever feel like having a cigarette, pop a carrot stick in your mouth. If the time after meals and coffee is the time you want a cigarette the most, find a substitute, chew gum, pop sugar-free candies or mints, or even stick a toothpick in your mouth; these will keep your mouth busy and you help circumvent the desire to put a cigarette in your mouth.

Keep non-fattening and healthy snacks on hand, like carrot or celery sticks. Some find chewing gum fills the cigarette gap; others may take up a less harmful addiction such as drinking tea often during the day the British traditionally maintain a five times a day tea break. Keep an electric teapot at work and sip herb teas instead of smoking. Green teas have a little edge to them, while having positive health benefits.

Nicotine Treatment Centers

Green tea with jasmine, softens up the edge of some green teas, and provides extra flavor. The diversity of tasty herb teas and green teas, in addition to typical caffeinated black teas, keeps the relatively harmless addiction of drinking tea interesting and helps calm your nerves, if that is one of the reasons for reaching for a cigarette.

The Five Day Plan to Quit Smoking is described as "one of the oldest and most effective smoking cessation programs to date.

Take a "short walk after each meal, plan 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day". The plan recommends "walking" as an "excellent" exercise to implement daily into your routine. We are cautioned to visit our health care provider before starting any major changes in our exercise regimen. Support Enlist Support of Family and Friends. Involve your entire family and network of friends in your efforts to quit smoking. Enlist their support. Request that they remind you, and to ask how you are doing in your resolve to quit smoking. Knowing that someone is checking up on you is encouragement to keep on track.

Be honest, don't lie to yourself or others about setbacks in smoking. Every time you feel tempted to buy cigarettes or smoke, pray for help. Catholic, Evangelical, Jehovah's Witness, Buddhist, and Muslim sources recommend prayer to help quit smoking. Pray daily for help to quit smoking.

Stop Smoking Forever - Sleep Hypnosis Session - By Thomas Hall

Realize that it is important and that, for those with belief in a Creator, God is interested in your success--it is pleasing to Him that we maintain healthful habits associated with physical cleanliness. The expression goes, "cleanliness is next to godliness," and this is true of our internal bodies as well. For those who don't believe in a personal God, living lives in harmony with the order of the universe, and maintaining environmental soundness, which includes clean internal physical bodies, is of spiritual value.