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Balanced Bridge is uniquely equipped to provide you the maximum advance amount possible with fair rates and transparent terms. To learn more about Balanced Bridge and its post-settlement funding solutions, please call to speak with one of their settlement funding specialists.

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Your personal information will never be shared or sold to 3rd parties'. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Why Does it Matter? If there is a single skill critical to success, it is practice management. Effective practice management is necessary for competent delivery of legal services, and failure to establish methods for managing all aspects of the lawyer-client relationship can easily harm clients and lead to malpractice.

Average citizens and workers who have been injured or wronged through negligence or malfeasance are guaranteed their day in court. In practice, however, this bedrock legal right is compromised. The problem is a paucity of fair and reasonable funding for expenses incurred in the bringing of personal-injury and other lawsuits. Writing for trial attorneys who represent middle-class or even indigent clients, author and finance expert Michael J.

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Swanson outlines this complex problem in a clear and lucid book that every dedicated trial lawyer should own. Nelson, James A. Calloway, and Ross L.

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Worried about the economy? Are you a lawyer out of work? Are you afraid you will be laid off? Are you struggling to manage your firm through a down economy? The weak economy and large number of firm layoffs have resulted in a flood of potential new solo and small firm lawyers—starting their own practices in the wake of the exodus from Big Law. Small practice lawyers, well-seasoned or just starting out, can gain immeasurably by just applying even a few of the myriad tips within this book.

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The book is divided into three parts: Afraid of Losing Your Job? Lost it Already? Each part provides practical tips and insightful tools that are concise and easy to read for quick reference. If you have the will and the focus, you will survive the current maelstrom. Good lawyers can indeed survive bad times.

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Harris Morgan and Mark A. This new edition and expanded edition of a practice-proven guide updates and expands on the tactics covered in previous editions to help you draft and format easy-to-understand invoices for your client, making them more likely to pay—on time and without complaint.

Along with samples of effective bills, this book provides guidance on how to build the lawyer-client relationship, establish fees and budgets using billing technology, utilize timekeeping technology to keep good records, put the commandments on drafting bills into action, and much more. Quinn, Joseph A. Bailey, David E. Gaulin, and Stanley Kolodziejczak.

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Almost 20 years ago, John P. Quinn, a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, realized that there was no reference book that would give a straightforward explanation of law firm accounting and financial reporting practices to law firm partners who were not accountants. Drawing from his extensive experience working with law firms of many sizes, he embarked upon a project to write what has become the most authoritative reference book available for those involved in law firm administration.

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