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Besides the usual ones for attacking, she also has a lightning spell for tying up enemies Lightning Bind , blocking physical attacks Thunder Arm , and dispelling wide-scale magical illusions Sprite Zamber. An extra comic shows Fate combing Erio's hair In Naruto , Lightning Release techniques have a number of diverse abilities, similar to chakra natures of other elements. It it can pierce things exceptionally well, cut almost as well as wind chakra by making objects vibrate to give it extra cutting power , be ran through and around a person's body to increase their reflexes by speeding up their nervous system, increase their speed and strength by boosting their muscle power, and block or reduce damage from enemy attacks like a force-field.

The one time natural lightning was harnessed for a technique, it was purely destructive in nature, and one of the most powerful attacks seen at that point.

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In Heroman , a lightning strike caused by the wake of an invading alien ship warping out over Earth turns a toy robot it into a shape-shifting action hero the size of a small building. Well, it had nanomachines, other than that, still impressive. In Air Gear the Thunder King has the power to make someone hallucinate by using electricity to mess the your brain waves.

In Voltes V , lightning powers up the titular robot's Sky Sword. Comic Books. Captain Marvel : He transforms from Billy Batson and back by being struck by lightning after saying "Shazam! Later on, he decided to illustrate his origin to his nephew Wally, complete with lightning storm outside. Whaddaya know, it does strike twice. Some attempts to explain this over the years have claimed things like the lightning and chemicals being largely placebos, unlocking the latent abilities already there in the individuals.

In Crisis on Infinite Earths it was revealed that the Flash himself was the lightning bolt which struck the chemicals giving him his super speed. This was later retconned into the Speed Force , a cosmic force that grants super speed and just happens to look like lightning.

The Project Gutenberg E-text of Frankenstein, by Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley

A secondary character a police officer gains the power of regeneration after being stabbed by a lightning dagger. In The Flashpoint Paradox Barry ends up in an alternate timeline without his powers. He asks Batman for help recreating the experiment that gave him his powers in the first place. He ends up lighting himself on fire instead. In an early Legion of Super-Heroes story, lightning can resurrect the dead , although only if it kills someone else first.

Said dead person Lightning Lad had received his powers after being zapped by a "lightning beast". Referenced in Justice League of America story The Lightning Saga , although the current Hand Wave is that it's 30th-century technology that really does the trick. In Supergirl story arc Bizarrogirl , Dr. Light tries to filter Superwoman's DNA and restore her humanity by using several procedures such like running electricity through her body. In his comic book, first season Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

The Malibu comic The Strangers featured a group of people who gained various superpowers when lightning struck the cable car they were riding. It was energy from a spaceship stuck in the Moon that was mutating humans, apparently trying to get someone to rescue it. The lightning bolt, alien as it may be, threw a piece of perfectly normal metal into Night Man's brain. This granted him the 'powers' of hearing evil thoughts and not needed to sleep.

Should have just went with 'Night Man's car conducted some of the energy of the magic alien lightning'. Spider-Man villain Electro has, not surprisingly, a wide variety of electricity-based powers, including being able to shoot lightning bolts of varied levels of destructiveness, the ability to control electrical equipment, and the ability to skate along power lines.

In one battle, his lightning bolts both manage to cut through Spidey's webbing and, with an errant shot, manage to turn on a huge newspaper printing press without damaging it at all. Electro got his powers by essentially being electrocuted by a particularly nasty lightning bolt while repairing a power line. Just as Bruce Banner should have been vaporized when the gamma bomb exploded and Peter Parker should have gotten cancer from the spider-bite, Max Dillon should have been fried, but instead he gains superpowers. Hollywood Science strikes again!

Read the official data sheets. Electro is completely invulnerable to electricity doh! Fridge Logic strikes hard when the "electrohealing" is able to cure cancer. But cancer is just an abnormal body cell, so should share the immunity In the Ultimate Marvel line Spider-Man attains a variant of the Venom costume that was intended to be used to cure cancer, when confronted with the Shocker and his sonic blasters Spidey just gets a comfortable massage, however when he is fighting the suit off his very skin and just "happens" to be struck by the electricity from a downed power line The Composite Superman, complete with extremely ugly costume, came into being when lightning entered through the window of the Superman Museum and struck a rack of miniature models of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Somehow, this gave their powers to the utterly unsinged Joe Meach, slacker, jackass, and bitter no-hoper. As a result, he can't breathe air and can only survive by extracting oxygen from water.

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In "The Menace of the Multiple Creature", a Batman story, the creature is created when lightning strikes a pool of water which contains waste materials from a chemical plant. In the story, "Robin, the Super Boy Wonder", Robin is struck by lightning and gains superhuman strength as a result. Unfortunately, it also clouds his memory, causing him to turn against Batman.

The original Azrael relied on the System, a form of Mind Rape-based training that gave him Batman-level martial arts skills as long as he was wearing his costume. So of course when he changed his costume shortly before No Man's Land, he lost his powers. Fortunately a lightning bolt struck him and rewired his brain to give him access to his skills no matter what. Tintin : In The Seven Crystal Balls , a ball of lightning crashes through the chimney inside the household and spins around across the room, causing damage to certain characters' clothes and even causing Professor Calculus to spin around too while sitting in his chair.

Then the lightning ball crashes into an Inca mummy behind glass, causing it to explode without a trace. Comic Strips. In SnarfQuest , Willie the dragon came to believe he was a duck after being struck by lightning. Calvin and Hobbes plan to use lightning to bring a snowman to life, but the problem is a lightning storm is not liable to happen until spring. Lightning Only Strikes Once features a lightning bolt which sends Clarke's mental essence travelling backwards in time to the beginning of the series, when she is still on the Ark.

In The Lion King Adventures , a lightning bolt is responsible for turning the miserable lion cub Duni into Red Lightning : Apparently lightning can even give you superpowers. All it does is make Rainbow Dash's hair poofy from the static. And Rainbow Dash wasn't even dead. Twilight even says that bringing people back to life with lightning always happens in movies.

Or, at least, it can do something to Paul in The Keys Stand Alone : The Soft World , namely intoxicate him, give him an orgasm, and bestow upon him the ability to see magic and power. It also tastes like crisp apples. Partially subverted in The Brave Little Toaster , where Lampy gets struck by lightning to recharge the battery, but gets severely damaged in the process. In Neo Human Casshern , what appears to be a giant stone lightning bolt strikes the baths containing artificially grown body parts, causing them to grow into full human bodies. Frankenstein has the most famous cinematic application of this trope, with the titular scientist using lightning to bring life into his monster.

In Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives , the famous titular psychopath killed in the 4th movie is struck by a lightning bolt attracted to a metal rod driven through the chest of his decaying corpse and resurrected as an unstoppable, undead killing machine.

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Prior to this point, he'd at least feel pain when attacked but from here on out he was indestructible. Short Circuit and Stealth both have computerized war machines a robot and a fighter plane, respectively that become sentient after being struck by lightning. You'd think that, after the former played it utterly for comedy in , the latter wouldn't try to do it straight in , but you'd be wrong wrong wrong. The latter movie's trailer even had the incredibly stupid line "That lightning strike rewired it somehow!

Thankfully, it was cut out in the movie itself. In Powder the title character had a natural affinity and control over electricity in all its forms, after his mother was struck by lightning whilst pregnant with our bald protagonist. It's hinted but never proven either way that his condition is actually genetic and that the reason his mother was hit by lightning in the first place was because of his affinity with electricity rather then the other way around. In the sequel , the lightning strikes the flying car, causing it to rotate at the necessary 88 miles per hour to induce a time jump.

To be fair, the lightning strike in the first movie wasn't an Ass Pull , since plutonium wasn't available in every drugstore in and the machine needed a lot of power which lightning definitely CAN provide. And in the second film, the lightning didn't send the DeLorean back in time either; it just powered the malfunctioning time circuits. Another related effect: Mel Gibson's character in What Women Want is electrocuted in a bath while trying out various feminine products.

Rather than dying, as one might expect, he becomes telepathic. Fully aware of the circumstances, the protagonist later attempts to reproduce the accident in an effort to remove the ability. This time, he adds the thrill of an true-blue lightning strike. Despite astronomical odds, he gets his strike, resulting in neither normality nor a corpse. Eventually, the character's powers are removed.

Per convenience or rapidly dissolving Plot Armor , he is not required to interact with the lightning, and is merely nearby when it, instead favors a power transformer.

Near the end of Hollow Man , Kevin Bacon's invisible character gets electrocuted during a fight. Somehow this causes the invisibility process to falter slightly, making himself partially visible; his skin and hair is still translucent, but his muscle, bones and organs are visible. A Chekhov's Gun is offered earlier in the film, in which the cure for a test gorilla's invisibility only worked after the team used a defibrillator on its heart. The anti-invisibility serum had been injected in the gorilla's blood, and was being distributed through her blood vessels.

When the gorilla's heart stopped, the blood stopped circulating, and the anti-invisibility serum stopped making new parts of her body visible but the already visible parts remained visible. Restarting her heart restarted the blood's circulation, making her completely visible. They later state that they had had several more successful tests; presumably, if all of them required the use of a defibrillator, they would not have considered the tests "successful".

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Not exactly lightning, but certainly electricity. Ernest Goes To Jail uses bizarre electrical effects as one of its running gags, turning the title character into a magnet repeatedly, giving him the power to shoot lightning bolts, and eventually turning off gravity. He got better. In the movie Zotz or so , Tom Posten plays a college professor who gets a magic coin which in turn gets him trouble from the rascally Russkies. Towards the beginning of the movie he has to help out a young lady who had a most unfortunate occurrence: she was struck by lightning!

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  4. Not to worry the only damage it did was disintegrate her clothing otherwise she suffered not so much as a red spot.