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While the Russians may have developed this capability by themselves, senior counterintelligence officials also feared that someone from within the U. Russia has a clear interest in concealing how it gets its information, further muddying the waters.

According to a former senior CIA officer who served in Moscow, the Russians would often try to disguise a human source as a technical penetration. This remains a core worry for U. The number of ongoing espionage investigations into U. Once the compromises of FBI communications devices were confirmed, U. But the spying successes went both ways. The U. Even so, the costs to U. The bureau consequently cut off contact with some of its Russian sources, according to one of those officials.

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In a damage assessment conducted around , U. The impact was not limited to the FBI.

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One former U. Those officials clung to the hope that Washington and Moscow could cooperate on key issues, despite aggressive Russian actions ranging from the invasion of Ukraine to its spying efforts. As high-level hopes for the U. These included briefings on the radio compromises, said two former senior officials. The former committee chairman said he wanted the intelligence community to make counterintelligence a higher priority. The leaders of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence were also included in some of the inquiries, according to Rogers and a current U.

Spokespeople for the current House and Senate intelligence committees did not respond to a request for comment.

The Russian Embassy in Washington, D. Senior U. And these were not the only instances of Russian intelligence operatives staking out locations with a line of sight to CIA headquarters. Over time, U.

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No one knew if the Russians had actually succeeded. In the absence of any proof that that was the case, the working theory was that the Russian activities were provocations designed to sow uncertainty within the CIA.

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  • A major concern was that Russian spies with physical proximity to sensitive U. One factor behind U. At key government facilities in the Washington area, entire floors were converted to sensitive compartmented information facilities, or SCIFs. These are specially protected areas designed to be impenetrable to hostile signals intelligence gathering. The normal assumption was that work done in a SCIF would be secure, but doubts arose about the safety of even those rooms.

    New security practices were instituted in sensitive government facilities like the FBI and CIA headquarters, according to former officials.

    These included basic steps such as moving communication away from windows and changing encryption codes more frequently, as well as more expensive adjustments, said four former officials. While the breaches of the FBI communications systems appeared to finally spur Congress and the intelligence agencies to adopt steps to counter increasingly sophisticated Russian eavesdropping, it took the Putin-directed interference in the election to get the White House to expel at least some of those officials deemed responsible for the breaches, and to shut down the facilities that enabled them.

    Even then, the decision was controversial. Some in Washington worried about retribution by the Russians and exposure of American intelligence operations, according to a former senior U.

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    The FBI consistently supported expulsions, said another former national security official. More than two years later, the Russian diplomatic compounds used in the FBI communications compromises remain shuttered. They need to bring in a whole new generation. In the meantime, those familiar with Russian operations warn that the threat from Moscow is far from over. During his Washington conference appearance earlier this year, Rogers, the former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, also lamented that the current politicized state of the intelligence committees would make spy agencies more hesitant to admit their failures.

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    I'll guarantee it's happening today. Download the Yahoo News app to customize your experience. Document reveals the FBI is tracking border protest groups as extremist organizations. Does the suitcase he carries hold a dirty bomb that could spread radiation throughout the museum? She wants it all but can't find a balance. It all changes when she discovers that Dexter has moved the family to Europe so he can steal million euros through a cyberhack.

    She comes back to life mopping up his mess, and for reasons we'll leave unexplained, she's now running an off-the-books CIA substation in The Paris Diversion. Kate believed she could start over in Paris but realizes she's been fooled "by the delusional charade that she could have everything, that maybe she even deserves everything. Which leads us back to the suicide bomber.

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    When go-getter Kate hears about the situation at the Louvre, she rushes to the scene thinking she can effect an outcome that will benefit her career. She's not happy, but she's practical. On the same day, in another part of Paris, American billionaire Hunter Forsyth goes missing hours before he's due to make a major announcement that will make him richer.

    When Kate discovers he's a man despised by Dexter, she worries that maybe Dexter is somehow part of the possible kidnapping. And could the missing CEO and the threat to the Louvre and a handful of other high-value targets in Paris be linked? If all this sounds outrageously over-the-top, well, it is.

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    Kate will get to the bottom of it. The outrageous plot and equally crazy subplots unravel in just one day in Paris. Readers may be scratching their heads as the story's timeline zips from past to present and location to location with no warning and from one slow-to-be-identified character to another.